Product Information

CUPAL is a cold roll plated composite material between aluminium as a carrier material and copper as the super imposed material. This Composite material is used in the electronic industry as a contact or rather as a transition material between conductors of copper and aluminium.
Because of this contact of CUPAL the contact resistance is dislocated between those different metals right into the plated connection. Consequently the contact is protected of atmospheric influences.

CUPAL can be manufactured by the following dealings, because of ist microscopally thinness urged by cold moulding e.g.:
Folding, capsizing, stamping, drawing profiles, distortion.
In case of too strong increase of mechanical property because of a cold transformation, it is possible to adjust the first ability of recast by taking up a heat treatment. This heat treatment should not overstep 260 C/4h.

Manufacturing Proceeding

Techniques of Application:

  • Switch gears and apparatus construction: Utilization as addition and loop-tip terminal.
  • Overhead construction: Wrap or hullformed inlay in clamp 
  • Advantages of CUPAL: Because of the low specific gravity it follows the advantages of accelerated masses e.g. for switchkeys. To reach a conductivity adequate to the copper only thin with copper super imposed layers are necessary, because of the skin effect, produced by high frequent current. So CUPAL is applied in condensers and construction parts in transmitter and receiver constructions.

Delivery Program of CUPAL

Elektro-Cupal-sheet 70/30 (70% AL, 30% CU), soft



0,5 x 500 x 2000 mmca. 2,25 kg
1,0 x 500 x 2000 mmca. 4,40 kg
1,5 x 500 x 2000 mmca. 6,70 kg
2,0 x 500 x 2000 mmca. 9,00 kg

Mechanical Characteristics, Bearing Surface Thickness:

Surface hardness:

  • AL 30-40 HV 0,2 bzw. 30-40 HB 2,5/62,5
  • CU 50-70 HV 0,2 bzw. 50-70 HB 2,5/62,5

Mechanical and Physical Properties

AL-CU 70/30
Specific Electrical Conductivitym/(Ohm*mm2)41,9
Specific Electrical ResistanceOhm*mm2/m0,0239
Required cross section towards Cu 1,41
Required cross section towards Al 0,906
Thermal ConductivityW/(m+K)265
Lin. Thermal Expansion Coefficient10-6/K21,8
Modulus of ElasticitykN/mm281
Tensile StrenghtN/mm2130-180

AL 99.5
Material Number. 3.0255 according to DIN 17007
Alloy 1050A according to Int.Reg.Record


Material Number. 2.0065 after DIN 1787
CU / a1 according to NFA 53-100
CU 99.9%



  • Product Forms: Sheets
  • Edge Forms: Cutted edge (GK)
  • Surface type: Millfinish, bright, brushed, satined, isotropic (EDT)

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